Collaboration is the best tool in the Future.

Do you want to invest? Get more than 10% profit!

We offer you the opportunity to collaborate with us to invest in energy and energy efficiency.

Nowadays, in Spain is necessary the existence of investors to fund large facilities in efficiency improvements and energy savings.

Energy efficiency is the efficient use of available energy resources, maintaining or improving the quality of the previous result with lower consumption. It is the only way to reduce costs on energy in companies without influencing negatively to their processes and do not spend more than essentially required.

Jorfe is an established company and recognized for the quality offered in works done through the involvement and expertise of its staff. That's why we believe that collaborating with us is the best way to invest in energy efficiency with the minor risk.


The collaboration of both parts (Jorfe and Investor) creates an ESE model (energy services company), where Jorfe guarantees the quality and efficiency in the works performed and the investor has to fund to the end client.

Revenues are given by the energy saving improvements of facilities with a return for investors of over than 10% profit.

ESE is a company that is responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, maintaining, financing and managing energy efficiency projects. It includes the following functions: energy auditing, equipment installation, maintenance, being responsible for the financing of these operations. Revenues come from energy savings is the management of these energy efficiency projects.

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All kind of solutions in energy efficiency for buildings.

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